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    GTUG 2015 Munich – A Biased Review from the comForte CTO

    About the author: Thomas is the CTO at comForte and has been active in the NonStop community for longer than he can remember. He has a keen interest in all...

    About the author: Thomas is the CTO at comForte and has been active in the NonStop community for longer than he can remember. He has a keen interest in all topics related to security, cross-platform enterprise computing and all things related to IT. For details, please see the comForte management web site.



    It’s been a while since I provided a write-up of a major NonStop community event—the last one was about HP DISCOVER 2011. I just returned from Munich, the beautiful city in Southern Germany, where the German Tandem Users group [GTUG] held its yearly European event. The event brought back memories of former “ETUG” (European Tandem User Group Meetings) meetings: A lot of NonStop users from EMEA, good attendance by HP NED folks and ISV partners – and, most importantly, plenty of  educational and informative sessions to choose from.


    During the event, I tweeted from several sessions I attended, and in this blog post I will provide some links to those tweets that include relevant screenshots.



    Musings on the Event Overall


    The GTUG folks certainly know how to pick a location: Personally I much prefer Munich in the sun over being in Las Vegas. There were Bavarian food and drinks aplenty; the comForte customer and partner dinner was in a “Brauhaus” a bit outside of the buzzing city; we were close to the English Garden for a morning exercise session… let’s see what they will come up with for next year, but this will be a hard act to follow.


    Customer participation was good—beyond the known faces, there were also a few fresh faces for me. Maybe most notably there was a new NonStop customer from Russia—a large retail bank that is now running the BPC application on HP NonStop.


    There was a mix of known but also of new faces in the vendor space, the latter is very good for HP NonStop.



    Tweets galore (with screenshots!) on Key Sessions


    The following three sessions were my personal favorites:


    • My favorite session was somewhat “geeky” as it compared the cost of running an application that needs high availability on Oracle RAC and on HP NonStop. The HP folks did a VERY thorough exercise here and the somewhat surprising result is that HP NonStop is cheaper if all cost is factored in. Take that, Oracle J. This presentation should be shared as much as possible as it corrects the common myth that “NonStop is expensive”. The presentation is available for download at Also, I have tweeted about it—see Tweet1 , Tweet2 and, my favorite slide of all, Tweet3.
    • You have to hear Dave McLeod in person for the full experience of a great live speaker—but his presentation on NonStop Keynote—Why You Need NonStop Today More Than Ever is also available for download at the GTUG site. His key takeaways are in this tweet.
    • I am probably biased because I know Bob Kiep personally and Gallagher Bassett is a comForte customer—but I think his session on To Modernize or To Replace?—You must do both was great. Somewhat unusually, his focus was on business needs and the high-level enterprise architect view on a platform and applications—rather than on the nitty-gritty aspects of how specifically to modernize. Unfortunately, his slides are not available for download, but you can find a few screenshots here and here. The key slide he showed talks about the risk of “replacement projects” and can be seen here.



    A Key Session I Did NOT Attend: Quantifying Risk in Payment Applications

    • comForte’s very own Thomas Leeb presented on Quantifying Risk—When your business depends on card payments. This presentation is somewhat new in that it focuses on risk and quantifying it rather than the often-heard statement “but PCI says you must do XYZ.” The presentation was well attended.



    Closing Thoughts


    Obviously, there were plenty of other sessions that might be of interest to you. Please see for a full list of sessions, including download links. Don’t miss out on the hardware and software roadmap, which includes details about the new HP NonStop X platform and the new YUMA project.


    I continue to be a believer in face-to-face meetings and GTUG once more proves me right: I have had very good talks with plenty of customers, prospects, partners, and HP folks.


    In summary, If you did not come this year, come next year! If you did come, see you again next year.