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    Has there ever been a better time to be a HP NonStop user?

    This is a guest blog post written by Harry Scott, co-founder of CarrScott Software, Inc. Spread the word…HP loves NonStop and that’s likely to be even more true in the...

    This is a guest blog post written by Harry Scott, co-founder of CarrScott Software, Inc.


    Spread the word…HP loves NonStop and that’s likely to be even more true in the months and years to come.


    If you haven’t heard, HP is splitting in two (see: Post-split there will be the printers, PCs and Ink business known as HP Inc. And then there will be the Enterprise Business – servers, IT services and the financing arm which will be known as HP Enterprise – this is where HP NonStop and the business critical server business will live.


    From my perspective as a longtime NonStop fan – I believe the profile and attention given to the NonStop business by HP senior management will likely increase significantly leading up to and post-split. Why? Stickiness.


    Most IT products aren’t very sticky – by that I mean that if you as an IT buyer purchased a truckload of PCs, printers or even UNIX servers 2 years ago from vendor X, when you go to replace them, you will go out to competitive bid and the incumbent is only as likely to win your business for the next round as they are competitive on price, features, service – etc. You aren’t tied to the same vendor just because you bought from them last time.


    From a customer perspective – this might be advantageous. You can beat the respective vendors into a tizzy, and then select the last man standing as your vendor for this round of purchases. In today’s competitive environment, getting every last nickel you can squeeze from your vendors might be a necessity – or so it might seem.


    From a vendor perspective – it costs a lot to invest in new, innovative products. If the lifecycle of the new product isn’t long enough, you can’t recoup your cost of development investment and while you might break-even or even lose money  for one or two product cycles, no company can continue to invest in products that don’t produce some return on their investment. That’s where stickiness comes into play.


    If a company can build products that have a competitive advantage, different from the rest of the pack and have real lasting value to customers – they are less likely to be replaced and hence become more sticky.


    IMHO – the HP NonStop team with what I am sure are budget limitations like the rest of us, have done a phenomenal job in bringing the outstanding reliability and scalability features of NonStop, forward and have made the platform much more open and cost effective. HP NonStop has the best possible combination of features and stickiness in the server market and that’s good for all of us. When I hear someone say “the Tandem is proprietary and too expensive” – I frequently quote Dr. Bill Highleyman who rightly noted that it’s not the system to blame, it’s how you are using the system that’s your problem. I’ll talk more about how you can modernize your existing NonStop apps to reduce costs and increase their openness in a future posting.


    Net-net: HP NonStop is important to HP and likely to be even more so post-split. If you haven’t heard the ‘good news’ about where the platform is today and where it’s likely to go into the future, call your HP rep or attend a local user group session. If you already ‘believe’ and want to see how you can modernize your NonStop environment, be it the database, user experience or infrastructure – stay tuned and give us a call or email – that’s what we do every day.


    NonStop’s stickiness is a good thing for HP and because of the investments that allows HP to make, it’s a very good thing for NonStop users as well. That’s why I believe there’s never been a better time to be a HP NonStop user.