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    Just a handful of people can change opinions and comForte is in the right place to turn heads!

    It was a case of seeing many familiar faces and of taking advantage of the opportunity to visit with many more friends. I am talking about the just completed N2TUG...

    It was a case of seeing many familiar faces and of taking advantage of the opportunity to visit with many more friends. I am talking about the just completed N2TUG Regional User Group (RUG) meeting held in Dallas, Texas. The N2TUG trailed,  by just a few weeks, 2015 HP Discover and following the European GTUG and the Phoenix, Arizona, DUST meeting, it was good to see as many participants from HP as there were – always a good sign for all in the NonStop community. comForte was well represented, with Dieter Orlowski, Earle Humphreys and Steve Kubick – Steve’s full motion video presentation made me sit up and watch and admire – I wonder if I shouldn’t begin using a similar presentation creating utility.


    I had written in my previous post about this upcoming N2TUG event and of how events in general are a true litmus test of the strength of any user community and with what I witnessed firsthand, the NonStop community overall continues in good health. Would we like to see a lot more publicity for NonStop in the press, in analyst coverage, and even in HP communications – certainly! Do we need to rely solely on HP to execute and move the needle (on NonStop) into positive territory – sure thing? NOT! Can a handful of people really make a difference – absolutely? Yes, please! No topic attracted my attention as much as the one that focused on getting more industry mindshare and watching a post event baseball game brought this into focus. Just one pitch, to one batter, in the very first innings of the game and it was over. Yes, he hit a grand slam home run on the very first pitch, as I recall.


    The theme of N2TUG was “Hit a Home Run with HP’s NonStop™ X” and this was definitely reinforced with such a strong opening by “the other team”. While we were all cheering for the Texas Rangers, the home team, it was indeed the visitors, the lowly last-placed Oakland As, that demolished the Rangers in just a few short innings. And it reminded me of how much can be achieved with a timely swing of the bat when it was our turn to face the opposition. In subsequent talks with senior HP folks, there was acknowledgment of new papers featuring NonStop, coming from the likes of IDC and even Gartner, but there was a lot of room for improvement. I will not revisit too much of this as I have included a couple of references already in posts elsewhere but what I would like to suggest is that with vendors as influential as comForte in much that HP NonStop pursues, I think that there’s more than just talking about the situation that can now be done.


    In my most recent exchanges with comForte management, it’s become increasingly apparent that they share the same sentiment, even going as far as to suggest the NonStop community take the initiative here and put on their own analyst briefing – I am sure HP would show up once they were invited. Returning to the topic of analyst papers however, even when they do touch on something you would think was a perfect fit for NonStop – “The 3rd Platform”, the recent Gartner paper, “Nonstop IT: Delivering the Integrated Data Center” about which I blogged to the NonStop Community blog Real Time View following N2TUG – N2TUG RUG meeting – being there was its own reward. No, don’t go looking for references to NonStop in a Gartner report about Nonstop IT!


    But what could we do as a community? I have asked folks at HP and some responses have been constructive. Yes, indeed, “It would be helpful to have the likes of analysts including Gartner, perhaps even Andrew Butler, come in for a briefing on NonStop.” This party also added that we need to really bring these folks up to speed with some of the recent developments that illustrate just how modern NonStop has become. Said my source, “Maybe show some visionary stuff with NonStop X and InfiniBand including the YUMA project, touch on NonStop X engagement with the Internet of Things, talk of Big Data integration with real time transactions and the analytics (that can be fostered through the technology coming) from WebAction, maybe some of the Server Side JavaScript capabilities to be offered by comForte as a result of their tie-up with InfraSoft”.


    comForte is certainly in an ideal position to contribute to such a discussion  – if you missed it, comForte have just purchased their own NonStop X entry-level system. Check out the announcement, comForte 21 orders new NonStop X system about which I will be blogging, in more detail, shortly. Yes, this means comForte now has it all, and that, according to Dr. Michael Rossbach, CEO of comForte, means they will be able to “run G, H, J and L-Series (versions of the) NonStop OS”. However, and more importantly, being global in reach – support as well as sales – gives comForte a perspective on trends across various industries where NonStop is installed that perhaps is not as well known to the analysts. In short, comForte with perhaps one or two other vendors and a handful of users could easily turn the tables on the analysts and lay a better foundation for more inclusions of the NonStop in the future.


    It would be terrific to see HP Mission Critical Servers (MCS) take the lead in this, but the span of systems that are included in the MCS portfolio makes it difficult for HP to simply single out NonStop for such promotional attention. Yet, there’s many very positive messages about NonStop spread across the NonStop community that once out, could prove disruptive and transformative. All it takes is a few people prepared to make a difference and heads can be turned. Can a handful of people be such a catalyst for positive change – I don’t see why not and yes, the sooner the NonStop community becomes more proactive with the analysts, the better! After all, you can only send out one batter but even then, the opportunity to hit that home run does come along.