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The European NonStop Symposium

  • eBITUG London 2017

    We joined the European NonStop Symposium in 2017!

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    eBITUG London 2017
  • comForte NonStop Security Presentation

    Keeping your data ‘For yo#2 636& only’ by John Bycroft

    In a world of PCI and impending GDPR compliance, peer pressure, common sense and data breaches, never mind the sheer risk of not doing something to protect your sensitive data, we ask: Why has there been so little progress? We look at organisations who have employed tokenisation and protection of data at rest and ask: Why did they choose to act and what did they do? Finally we examine, what’s still stopping you from doing the same and how comForte can make it easier!

    In case you missed it, watch here:

    eBITUG presentation: Keeping your data ‘For yo#2 636& only’ by John Bycroft | Part I/II
    comForte VP Sales John Bycroft

    John Bycroft has a strong vertical market track-record in Finance, banking and retail payments systems; including atm, point of sale, SWIFT, AML, Sanctions Compliance, Cash and Liquidity management.


  • Reflections on eBITUG 2017 - For Your Eyes Only!

    The European NonStop User community travelled to London for the eBITUG conference which was held at the DoubleTree Hotel in Tower Hill. A total of 266 attendees – customers, vendors and HPE delegates - showed up which, I believe, is a record number for the European event. So, well done to the BITUG committee for putting on a successful show!

    The highlight of the first day in many ways was the keynote speech given by no other than Jimmy Treybig, founder of Tandem Computers in 1974 and Venture Capitalist.

    He gave an insight in what it takes to implement/instigate/initiate change in an organization or even an industry – courage and patience (and some luck). Another key element in driving change is sharing your strategy and vision with staff and key stakeholders in order for people to understand and to make the journey with you.


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  • comForte Challenge

    Feel like 007 for a day!

    And the winner is....

    Stanislav Hartman from Bankart!


    We thank everyone who took part in our James Bond Challenge!