Make access fast, easy, secure.

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    Fast, easy and secure access to HPE NonStop systems

    Equip end users and system administrators with high performance, secure and reliable access to HPE NonStop systems.

  • Connect Products


    Client Server Link (CSL) is a middleware that allows clients on any platform to access Pathway applications running on HPE NonStop servers.


    JPath provides a smooth way to leverage proven applications to modern web and mobile technologies.


    Enables the communication between HPE NonStop systems and IBM mainframe servers using the TCP/IP protocol. It eliminates the need to retain the SNA protocol. Available for CICS, IMS, and DLSw. uLinga for DLSw connects servers (including HPE NonStop) to backbone networks by providing the DLSw encapsulation function formerly provided by data centre routers.


    J6530 is an easy-to-use web-browser-based terminal emulator for large end user bases that primarily need 6530 or 3270 functionality.


    MR-Win6530 is a powerful emulation package for HPE NonStop, IBM, or Unix systems, combining outstanding performance and security with unique features specifically designed to support HPE NonStop users


    SecurTN provides secure and manageable high volume Telnet access to 6530, 3270, and OSS applications running on HPE NonStop systems. It combines the functionality of a powerful Telnet/TN3270 server with session encryption and auditing facilities in a single, integrated product.