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  • September 2017: comForte provides reference method for new data protection standard

    Welcome to the comForte newsletter!

    • comForte’s tokenization method becomes reference for data protection standard
    • comForte 21 and ArsBlue team up to help organizations grow & succeed in the new digital payments world
    • Discount for Gartner Risk & Security Summit next week


    comForte’s tokenization method becomes reference for data protection standard

    The Accredited Standards Committee X9 (ASC X9, Inc.) is an ANSI accredited organization developing standards for the financial services industry in the U.S.

    One of their latest publications is a standard that describes the requirements for protection of sensitive payment card data using post-authorization tokenization systems (X9.119-2).

    comForte is proud to announce that the SecurDPS tokenization method was chosen as one of the reference methods in the X9.119-2 standard.

    “This clearly demonstrates the level of maturity and sophistication that we have built into our data protection offering right from the start. Organizations that choose comForte, choose the highest levels of data security.” explains comForte Global R&D Director Henning Horst.


    comForte 21 and ArsBlue team up to help organizations grow & succeed in the new digital payments world

    comForte and ArsBlue d.o.o., member of Italy headquartered Bassilichi Group have entered into a strategic partnership to jointly take an innovative digital payments suite to market.

    Financial services organisations benefit from this partnership and the resulting new comForte Payments Suite as it enables them to successfully embrace transformation in the payments industry.

    Based on this new technology, organizations can easily implement Omni-channel management for retail payments. Furthermore, it allows them to enhance their payments service portfolio by covering more than the traditional card based payment channels.

    “We are very pleased to team up with ArsBlue”, says Michael Deissner, CEO of comForte. “With this partnership we are clearly able to provide real business benefits to any service provider - whether in the classical card business or to those in the position of stepping up to become payment initiation service providers (PISPs) in the future.”

    With this partnership, comForte enhances their position as a leading provider of Security and Application Infrastructure solutions for mission-critical systems and extends its portfolio by introducing innovative industry solutions to the payments industry.

    Read the full announcement here.

    Make sure to visit to learn more about how comForte can enable your business success in retail payments.

    Event Highlight

    Meet comForte at the Gartner Security & Risk Management Summit
    As a sponsor of this event, we are pleased to be able to offer you a special €325 discount on the standard rate.

    • Visit our booth at the Summit and find out how we can help you improve your data protection

    • Join us at the Networking Reception on 18. September

    Get your discount now!
    *Discount available on new registrations only and cannot be applied retrospectively

    We look forward to welcoming you at our booth at the Summit in London.


    Meet the comForte team at the following events:

    Gartner - Security & Risk Management Summit
    September 18-19, 2017 - London, England

    September 20, 2017 - Atlanta, GA, USA

    September 27, 2017 - Tempe, AZ, USA

    October 11-12, 2017 - Mississauga, ON, Canada

    October 13, 2017 - Baltimore, MD, USA

    Technical Boot Camp
    November 12-15, 2017 - San Francisco, CA, USA