Proof of Concept


  • Proof of Concept

    For some challenges, the devil is in the detail

    ...and a detailed look is required before a purchase decision can be made. comforte has a proven track record in spending a few days on site and installing and configuring our products in your test environment; solving problems along the way.

    The typical outcome of a Proof of Concept (POCs) is our product solving 90 % of your requirements – with comforte developing an action plan how we can get to 100 % prior to your order.

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  • Examples for Proof of Concept Services

    Tokenization of PANs

    The comforte SecurData product enables the tokenization of credit card numbers (PAN) for existing NonStop applications without having to change them. While most applications which process credit card or ATM transactions share a similar architecture, the details of where data is stored and how it flows to and from the NonStop system differ significantly. comforte is offering POC services to make sure the product does work in your environment and addresses your specific needs.

    Application Modernization

    comforte has the solutions and expertise to make this happen for your ‘legacy’ applications. For these, no two are alike and this is where our POC services are helpful. Please see the article 'comForte Supports Key Modernization Effort for HPE NonStop Application at Gallagher Bassett' for an example of a successful project which started with a humble POC.