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  • Hewlett Packard Enterprise

    comforte's products are designed to run with HPE NonStop Kernel (NSK) servers. Terminal Emulation Connectivity to other HPE server types, such as Digital systems, is also provided.

    comforte is a member of the HPE Developer & Solution Partner Program as well as a member of Club NSAA.

    comforte Partner HPE Enterprise
  • Citrix

    comforte is an approved Technology Level Member of the Citrix Ready Partner Program

    comforte Partner CITRIX
  • Microsoft Corporation

    comforte is a Microsoft® Certified Partner

  • 4techsoftware®

    4tech Software specialises in tools which improve HPE NonStop system security and helps companies achieve and maintain Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI-DSS) compliance.

    4tech's extensive experience of PCI-DSS compliance on NonStop combined with customer requests has led them to develop two software solutions: PANfinder and Integrity Detective.

    PANfinder helps companies in the important initial scoping phase of a PCI-DSS project by identifying all locations where unencrypted (non PCI compliant) PAN data resides. Once all non compliant PAN data has been removed or encrypted, PANfinder is used to provide documented proof of on-going compliance and to raise alerts in the event of new readable PAN data being introduced in your environment.    

    Integrity Detective provides real-time monitoring and reporting of your HPE NonStop files, objects and live sub system configurations. So if something changes and your system security or a critical file is compromised, an alert will be generated and you'll be able to take immediate action.

    comforte is the global distributor for 4tech Software’s HPE Nonstop products.

  • CGI

    Powering client’s businesses with mission-critical solutions

    Our full-service offering includes a large portfolio of CGI-developed solutions. Whether deploying our own solutions or solutions that combine CGI and partner capabilities, CGI exemplifies know how in the design, implementation and management of the solutions that power our clients’ businesses.

    The BESS Wireroom and Payments solution is a flexible and functionally rich system, capable of providing a complete solution to a bank's financial messaging and payments requirements. BESS is a secure, scalable, highly resilient and integrated solution that supports major financial networks including SWIFT, Telex, FED, and CHIPS. The WebBESS and comforte JPATH component provide browser based GUI screens for all Wireroom and Payments client functions and user functions.

  • DMBGroup, LLC

    DMBGroup, LLC offers DataExpress® as the definitive file transfer, management and scheduling solution for companies who need to route, format and secure business-critical information in an automated fashion over public and private networks.

    Customers depend on DataExpress® to manage, send and receive, and report on their data flow over a wide spectrum of communication protocols. For the past 20 years DataExpress® has been implemented in a variety of industries including banking, financial services, and insurance. Backed by experienced technical support and a professional services team, DataExpress® continues to assist companies by improving their file transfer and data-flow.

    comforte Inc and DMBGroup, LLC formed a partnership in 2017 to offer DataExpress© to companies with business critical file transfer requirements on HPE NonStop systems, as well as Microsoft Windows and Unix systems.

    For more information, check out the DataExpress® website at or contact comforte at dataexpresscomfortecom

    comforte Partner DataExpress
  • Gemini Communications, Inc.

    Gemini has provided reliable networking and terminal emulation products for the HPE NonStop System family for over 30 years.

  • Infrasoft Pty Limited

    Infrasoft Pty Limited is an Australian owned and operated IT software company offering products and services for the online real time transaction world.

    With its founding members having over 80 years combined experience, the company has extensive expertise in providing customers with the necessary products, services, support and independent advice to implement successful high availability infrastructure solutions.

    Infrasoft has developed software solutions that enable clients to modernise the communications between non-mainframe servers (such as HPE NonStop, Windows and Linux systems) and IBM mainframe applications running in the CICS or IMS environments.

  • J & B Computing Services

    J & B Computing Services has been providing innovative products and solutions for over 30 years.

    J&B’s products, providing GUI front-ends to legacy systems, are marketed world-wide through OEM partners. Their secure communication products provide assured, authenticated and confidential signed message exchange across the Internet.

    J&B’s  extensive experience allows them to develop and support bespoke solutions which integrate and unify data and processes across a wide variety of platforms.

    comForte Partner J & B Computing Services
  • Knightcraft Technology

    Knightcraft Technology is the leading provider of security and PCI DSS compliance services for the HPE NonStop Server platform. 

    The Knightcraft portfolio includes PCI DSS Readiness service, security review, penetration testing,  NonStop security configuration and documentation required for compliance, all of which can be delivered either onsite or remotely to international customers.

    With more than 25 years of NonStop experience and proven methodology, Knightcraft can help customers with their security, audit and compliance requirements, wherever they are located in the world. The technical white paper PCI DSS Compliance for HPE NonStop Servers, co-authored with a certified QSA, can be downloaded free from the Knightcraft website.

  • MessageWay

    MessageWay Solutions provides future-proof messaging and data translation solutions that enable secure, scalable straight-through-processing between key trading partners and internal applications.We empower leading, global enterprises to accelerate their B2B electronic commerce programs. 

    comforte Partner MESSAGEWAY
  • nuBridges, Inc.

    nuBridges provides technology solutions for extended enterprises that share sensitive data across applications, departments and organizations, and face complex security and compliance mandates. Our innovative data encryption, data tokenization, key management, managed file transfer and EDI solutions help customers get information from point A to point B; do it safely; and prove compliance.Proven in production, nuBridges software and services readily scale across heterogeneous enterprise environments including legacy systems, and offer unified visibility for improved analysis, decision support and administrative efficiency.nuBridges solutions and support have established a new standard of quality for the industry, and are trusted by the world's most demanding organizations to exchange and protect billions of payment card transactions, personal data records and business-critical file transfers.

  • TCM

    TCM is the premier provider of specialist NonStop IT support services with an 18 year track record of delivering innovative, proven and customer focussed solutions. TCM’s wide range of professional and managed services includes systems management, hardware support, application management, system migrations and upgrades, through to specific focus areas such as performance, capacity, security, NonStop MQ, business continuity, automation plus more. With an emphasis on quality and value this flexible approach allows TCM to deliver a high level of customer satisfaction.

  • TIC Software

    TIC has been providing solutions on the HPE NonStop platform for customers in manufacturing, health care, banking and financial services since 1983.
    The TIC product suite includes Report Portal that distributes data via fax, email, FTP, Web, and Web gateways that integrate NonStop and Windows technologies. TIC is committed to delivering quality software solutions and services to its clients to maximize productivity and profitability.

    comForte Partner TIC Software
  • TietoEnator

    TietoEnator is one of the leading architects in building a more efficient information society and the largest IT services company in the Nordic countries. TietoEnator specialises in consulting, developing and hosting its customers' business operations in the digital economy. The Group's services are based on a combination of deep industry-specific expertise and latest information technology. TietoEnator has close to 13,000 experts in more than 20 countries.

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