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    Past Events

  • September 18-19, 2017

    Gartner - Security & Risk Management Summit

    comForte will attend Gartner - Security & Risk Management Summit in London, England.

    For more information please visit:

    Gartner Events EMEA Security 

  • September 27, 2017


    comForte will attend DUST in Tempe, Arizona.

  • September 20, 2017


    comForte will attend at ATUG in Atlanta, GA, USA 

    For more information visit:

    Connect event calendar 

  • October 11-12, 2017


    comForte will attend at the CTUG in Mississauga, ON, Canada

    For more information please visit:

    CTUG website 

  • November 12-15, 2017

    NonStop Technical Boot Camp

    comForte will present and attend the NonStop Technical Boot Camp in San Francisco, California, USA

    For more information please visit:

    the NonStop Technical Boot Camp website