Technical Boot Camp 2017

It’s a jungle out there… Are you prepared?

  • NonStop Technical Boot Camp 2017

  • Technical Boot Camp 2017
  • comForte Pre-Conference Seminars

  • Tech Talk: How to best deploy Enterprise-wide data protection with your NonStop

    by Henning Horst and Brad Poole

  • Implementing data protection that is solid, scalable and reliable is on the agenda of many organizations. It is not an easy task though as the systems that need to be protected and the systems that provide protection are always absolutely mission-critical to the business. As an expert for NonStop, you know a thing or two about mission-critical systems, so let’s take a close look together at how a NonStop-based data tokenization suite can be leveraged to secure sensitive data across the whole enterprise.

    In this session you will learn about the core concepts of comForte’s data security suite, SecurDPS, and you will gain an understanding of the flexible deployment options that allow an organization to seamlessly provide data protection inside and outside of the NonStop world. Don’t miss this seminar if you want to find out how your existing NonStop can play a further strategic role in your organization

  • Git on Guardian - The Next Generation SCM Ecosystem for NonStop

    by Randall Becker

  • Git has allowed Source Code Management (SCM) to become mainstream these past few years. Code now can move seamlessly and with complete audit trails across networks, teams, and platforms. With NSGit, GUARDIAN components can be managed by Git and benefit from the rich eco-system that continues to expand.

    This session goes into detail on how Git works on OSS and how the NSGit product brings GUARDIAN into the Git world. The Git eco-system of specific interest to the NonStop community will be described, including the pieces to make it all work well. Standard SCM use cases will be described and demos will be shown on managing GUARDIAN software assets (source code and system objects). Graphical tools will also be shown that help take the mystery out of SCM, the code review approval process, and software distribution and installation.

  • Recommended sessions

  • Big Data – Big Risk?
    How your NonStop can help tackle a Big Challenge with Tokenization

    by Henning Horst

  • Big Data projects these days are all about Hadoop, advanced analytics, new architecture concepts and have nothing to do with NonStop. Or do they? Chances are that your NonStop is already contributing to your organization’s strategic Big Data initiatives.In this session, you will hear about use cases from NonStop customers that directly intersect with Big Data. You will see examples of how NonStop-based data tokenization plays an essential role in securing sensitive data in such scenarios without impeding big data analytics. Don’t miss this session if you want to learn how your NonStop is going to enable secure analysis in the big data world.

  • Digital Transformation for your NonStop – hear use cases on modernizing applications to meet user demand

    by Brad Poole and Jonathan Deveaux

  • Still running an application on your NonStop system that is older than you can remember? Upgraded your hardware (or planning to) and looking for ways to ensure your exist applications take advantage of your modern architecture? Looking to answer user demand by enabling modern interfaces for mobile devices, web applications, cloud, and more?

    If you answered YES to any of these questions, come to this Breakout Session. Hear how other companies running NonStop systems were able to reduce the gap between user demand and what IT can deliver. Listen to examples of how they how they did it and what your company can do to meet similar demands.

  • Where to find us - Partner Pavilion

  • Visit us at booth #3 and talk to us

  • The Partner Pavilion will be located in the Sequoia Ballroom on the Atrium level at the Hyatt Regency San Francisco Airport hotel. The Partner Pavilion will showcase Boot Camp sponsors and their products and services. The Sequoia Ballroom allows for plenty of customer meeting space throughout the duration of Boot Camp.

    Make sure to schedule an appointment with us!


  • Keep up to date with Nonstop Innovations

  • How the new ANSI X9 standard for tokenization will help you meet compliance and regulation requirements

    by Henning Horst, co-editor of the ANSI X9.119-2 tokenization standard released in August 2017

  • Organizations are faced with strict requirements around meeting compliance and regulations. A lot of work goes into creating the standards used in the regulations to ensure confidential and sensitive data are protected. Hear directly from one of the authors of the ANSI X9 standard for using tokenization and learn the most important facts. Gain knowledge and see use case examples of how your organization can meet compliance and regulation requirements with tokenization.

  • SSH configuration – what do all those parameters mean anyway?

    by Wendy Bartlett, HPE and Henning Horst

  • NonStop SSH provides secure login and file transfer functionality on NonStop systems. It can be deployed in several different ways and it also supports a number of configuration options which can be used by customers to meet their unique security needs.

    This talk intends to explain some of the common methods of deploying NonStop SSH and the useful configuration options. It will also provide information on performance tweaks andtips to diagnose and resolve issues, should they occur in your environment. 

  • Our speakers

    Henning Horst Director R&D

    Henning Horst leads comForte's global Research and Development team. In various positions at comForte Henning worked in many security projects with and at clients around the world, gathering deep insights into the needs of payment and mission critical environments. 

    NexBridge, Managing Director, Randall Becker

    Randall Becker Randall Becker is seasoned contributor and guru to the SCM world. He co-authored RMS/PrimeCode, ported and contributes to the Open Source world including git on NonStop OSS, is the maintainer for git at ITUGLIB, and the process designer for ITUGLIB contributions, builds, and deployments. Randall is Managing Director of Nexbridge Inc., Vice-Chair of the Richmond Hill Board of Trade, and creator of the NSGit (Git for Guardian) SCM product.

    Jonathan Deveaux_Senior Solutions Architect

    Jonathan Deveaux works in Partner management and Marketing at comForte since 2015.
    He has expertise with electronic payments in the financial industry, as well as IT hardware and infrastructure management. 

    comForte Senior Solution Architect Brad Poole

    Brad Poole is a Senior Solutions Architect at comForte Inc, specializing in HPE NonStop Security and Web services.

    HPE Distinguished Technologist Wendy Bartlett

    Wendy Bartlett is a Distinguished Technologist in HPE’s NonStop Enterprise Division and long-time HPE NonStop (Tandem) architect and evangelist. She focuses on dependability - security and availability - for the NonStop server line and system architecture evolution.