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  • NonStop Modernization

    comforte brings New Life to Your NonStop Systems!

    Looking to modernize your infrastructure – but wondering where to begin?

    comforte has the people, products, and the track record you can rely on when embarking on the journey to a shared infrastructure. Address these key areas and get the most from your investment in NonStop systems and applications.

    Your business benefits from less complexity in the data center, lower risk, better use of resources, higher data security, and increased productivity.

    comforte has the right products for your modernization requirements.

  • NEW - eBook on Modernization of proven Applications

    The trend toward rationalizing and modernizing applications affects the entire enterprise IT portfolio, including applications running on Hewlett Packard Enterprise (HPE) NonStop systems. Fortunately, with the right tools and expertise, it’s possible to cost effectively modernize applications running on the NonStop platform, which itself was recently modernized by HPE.

    What do you need to know about modernizing applications on the HPE NonStop platform?

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    eBook on modernization of proven applications
  • Application Modernization

    Modernize proven applications from the ground up and from the user in.

    Many proven NonStop applications contain valuable business logic and continue to provide significant business benefits. Rather than replacing these applications with a modern standard package, the better way is to modernize them on various levels – database layer, server layer and presentation layer.

    Escort SQL

    Escort SQL converts Enscribe files to the NonStop SQL industry-standard relational database, and enables you to make this migration without having to modify your existing applications.


    Client Server Link (CSL) enables you to use a broad range of interfaces and runtime environments to connect HPE NonStop applications with cross platform services.


    JPath allows organizations to easily move from SCOBOL green screens to having convenient, intuitive interfaces to HPE NonStop applications.

  • Security

    Improve your security defenses

    Add encryption and tokenization into HPE NonStop environments in order to address enterprise security policies and compliance mandates.

    'Secur' Line of Security Products

    The 'Secur' line of security products adds encryption and tokenization of data-at-rest, data-in-transit to your HPE NonStop environment resulting in a better security posture overall.


    Single sign on - With SecurSSO, users can log onto HPE NonStop Servers through their existing Windows credentials, and gain single sign-on access to all authorized applications, including TACL and other NonStop services.

  • Database Modernization

    Convert Enscribe Files to NonStop SQL

    Moving from Enscribe to NonStop SQL allows you to take advantage of modern development tools without having to modify the existing application.

    Escort SQL

    Escort SQL performs automatic and rapid migration of HPE Enscribe programs and databases to NonStop SQL. The migration is an incremental process, allowing a one-file-at-a-time transition, which reduces risk and completes the process in a number of small, easily-managed, steps.

  • Network Modernization

    Migrate from SNA to TCP/IP – safely and easily

    Legacy network protocols like SNA have become obsolete and it is time to move to a more future proof protocol like TCP/IP in an easy and safe manner.


    Enables the communication between HPE NonStop systems and IBM mainframe servers using the TCP/IP protocol. It eliminates the need to retain the SNA protocol. Available for CICS, IMS, and DLSw. uLinga for DLSw connects servers (including HPE NonStop) to backbone networks by providing the DLSw encapsulation function formerly provided by data centre routers.

  • Cloud Infrastructure

    Cloud-enable your HPE NonStop systems

    Leverage cloud infrastructure by offloading transactions into the cloud or accessing Nonstop systems from the cloud.


    Client Server Link (CSL) is a middleware that allows clients on any platform to access Pathway applications running on HPE NonStop servers CSL/Azure allows access to NonStop servers from the cloud.

  • Operations Management

    Smarter management of NonStop systems

    Reduce complex system operations tasks to simple point-and-click operations to save time, increase productivity and minimize the potential for errors.


    The Operations Pack is an easy-to-use management tool providing command access to your HPE NonStop Expand network, subsystems and components, wrapped in an Explorer type interface.